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What does term “Premium Escorts” mean?

There are different varieties of escorts. The category into which an escort falls into is dependent on many factors. Falling into a certain niche enables an escort to earn the title of a premium escort. Premium escorts are the highest echelon in the escort business. If they were part of a sports team they would be the starting lineup. They have a different job description from the rest of the escorts. Here are a few determinants of what make an escort a premium escort:


A premium escort earns the highest amount among escorts in an escort service or among escorts anywhere. They get paid a lot of money for the services they offer. The price may be determined by many factors such as the range of his or her services which allows him or her to command a wide variety of clients. A premium escort’s price and hence earning could reach upwards of a thousand pounds a night. Some earn enough in a year to compete with corporate executives. If you hire a premium escort, you know you are getting the best of the best.


Premium escorts will only serve the high end clients. An escort who only serves powerful and wealthy clients is deservedly named a premium escorts. Such people will only pay for the best and that is what they will get. A premium escort will have fewer jobs but will receive enough money on a single job to make up for the lack of numbers. A single client will pay a premium escort what may require a regular escort three or four clients to equal the pay. The clientele of premium escorts will often include people such as famous athletes, musicians, rich businesspeople or wealthy public officials. Those that you work with define who you are in the escort business.

Young Escort Girl in Pink Costume


The world has an unspoken measure of appearance and by that measure, premium escorts will rank very highly. Premium escorts will be as beautiful as models and as handsome as movie actors. Looking good is a big part of being an escort. People who hire escorts expect to receive people who are very attractive. Most premium escorts would easily pass for runway models. Their grooming, the clothes they wear and their lifestyle warranty their ‘premium’ status. It would not be difficult to tell a premium escort from a regular escort by just looking at them.

Quality of Service

Escorts offer a service whose quality can be measured. Premium escorts will be those that rank high on the quality scale. Clients will obviously give feedback to the escort services and escorts will be ranked according to the feedback. There are escorts who are fit to accompany clients to premium events such as black tie events. The behavior of escorts will determine those that are aptly named ‘premium’ escorts. There are escorts who know the mannerisms and talk of high society. Those are the escorts that will be hired for such events. Being able to handle such responsibility is what makes a premium escort. To hire such professionals, it’s strongly advised to do so at reputable agencies. They usually have a lot of girls available for booking, and customer service is discreet and high quality. As a live example we recommend http://www.escort-girls-directory.com.

London escorts: Taiwan to legalize brothels

Escorts girls in London inform: Taiwan authorities adopted a bill to legalize brothels. Now, special areas for “red lights” quarters are legally available. Sex services outside of these zones will be punished by a fine of about 1 thousand dollars. The bill authors specify: “red lights” quarters will not be allowed to advertise escort services. Local authorities in major cities across the country do not approve the law. They imposed a veto on it. For example, Taipei’s public considers the issue very controversial. In addition, they note the city is too densely populated to allocate a separate place for a “red lights” quarter. Authorities of Kaohsiung, Taichung and New Taipei also rejected the idea.  They have no plans to develop special zones for prostitution. Taiwan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs drafted a bill and therefore protects conditional legalization of sex industry. They need a possibility to regulate oriental escort services.

Aurum London escorts know how to seduce men

Women that know how to delicately flirt are extremely successful, even if their external data is far from ideal. They can simply show a man they like him, and thus a man receives a signal he is desired. So, fears usually occupying a real man’s head get lost. Aurum London escorts present gestures of titivation or what men like: Hair. Men like when a woman shakes her hair, especially long. Wrist. According to statistics, a woman who likes a man will strive to show the inside of her wrists. In turn, men consider beautiful women bracelets very sexy, especially in the form of chains with tassels. Mouth. No man is indifferent to slightly open mouth and European escorts London girls’ lips covered with gloss. Moist lips are a sign of sexual arousal. Dilated pupils. Looking at a man, you can imagine something that excites you, well, or alternatively look at what you like best. At this time, the pupil begins to increase. London escort a level girls know: it is best to look at a man not directly, but according to an ancient principle “in the corner, nose, and subject.” Ankles. Foot (shoe) swinging also impress men. Smile. Smile with your eyes, otherwise the smile will be insincere.

London escorts wear high heels

Good news: scientists removed “very bad” label from high-heels. Londonescorts are very glad to the fact. Italian urologist from Verona University states walking on heels trains muscles of pelvic floor. This fact is crucial for intimate life. If pelvic floor (which is a pillar for internal genital organs) is trained, the probability of achieving orgasm during intimacy is growing. For a hundred participants of the experiment, it increased three times! Foot angle of 15 ° serves the main condition of success. It corresponds to a 7 cm heel, just what escorts Kensington choose! Unlike doctors, men do not change their views. So, a survey made by a new magazine Women’s Health (it involved more than a thousand men) once again showed: men like women at high heels. Baker St escorts offer judging for yourself: • 41% of respondents believe a woman that wears heels is probably better in bed, than any other. • 74% believe high heels make women’s gait more sexual. • 72% are sure heels have a positive effect on women’s posture. • 53% think high heels emphasize seductive curves of female body better, than other shoes.