Female escorts in London: is sex good for health?

The more sex you have, the less you need Viagra. As shown by recent studies, healthy sex life is a panacea for many problems and diseases. Escort submissive London girls claim: those men active in sex are less likely to become impotent. Thus, scientists studied profiles of 989 men aged 55 to 75 years. They found those men who refuse regular sex life (with age) are 2 times more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction, than their friends and colleagues who have sex at least once a week. Though, petite escort London girls say this is not the only reason to have fun in bed. Scientifically proven: sex helps lose weight. Forget grueling exercising in the gym! Sex makes your body muscles work, since it is the best exercise for cardiovascular system. Besides, one hour of lovemaking helps burn 300 calories. Sex hides age Good old sex is the best remedy against wrinkles. Intimate caresses help you look and feel younger: due to increased production of estrogen and other hormones, your hair shine and skin just glows.

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Best young escorts in London treat diseases with sex

Sexologists reveal: best sex lasts only 7-13 minutes. Along with London young escorts, UK experts have their own view on the issue. They tell: to provide a positive effect on human well-being, sex must continue a little longer. Numerous studies prove: amorous caresses provide positive effect only at the 31th minute after the intercourse begins. During sex, human body produces substances that are able to neutralize free radicals. Blonde escort girls remind: free radicals accelerate the aging process, while promoting development of almost all diseases, including ulcers. Production of substances able to neutralize free radicals begins from the first minute of awakening. Still, their amount turns sufficient only at the 30-40th minute. This is when a positive impact is provided. Suffer from diabetes? VIP escorts recommend you having sex for at least 45 minutes. Patients with gastritis, arthritis and angina are to be sexually treated within 1 hour.

Erectile disorder is treated

Experienced escorts girls remind: the topic of erectile dysfunction has always been taboo. Earlier, the disease was called impotence. Male function was strictly denied. Now, people know erectile dysfunction represents a disease caused by intimate blood vessels disorder. Sometimes erectile disorder can manifest itself as a symptom of other diseases. Thus, ED can occur against a background of endocrine disorders, urological problems and neuro-psychiatric disorders. So-called “manager syndrome” is a common psycho neurological disorder. Among other symptoms, it includes possible sexual disorders.  Escort girls claim: women must understand erectile dysfunction is a disease caused by specific physiological causes. This disease is treated. Tactful conversation with a partner is the most difficult thing. Show understanding, lack of women’s claims; explain nothing tragic is happening. A man needs to know you are not going to accuse him of impotency. The next step: convince your partner to see a doctor. Anticipating a wave of protest, explain urological problems, such as prostatitis, often give complications in sexual sphere.  Urologist can detect a disease and prescribe a proper course of treatment.

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Why is regular sex important?

Scientists believe: those engaged in sex at least once a week better cope with stressful situations, such as a need to make a speech. Escorts confirm: endorphins and oxytocin released during sex stimulate brain areas responsible for feeling of pleasure, thus protecting human against anxiety and depression. In order to take advantage of these “happiness” hormones, orgasm is not required. However, scientists still remind most of them are released at the peak of pleasure. Sex also helps establishing healthy sleep. Endorphins relax mind and body. During orgasm, human body releases a hormone called prolactin, which level is also increased when we sleep. Sex is an excellent analgesic agent. After orgasm, many people note relieved headache, backache, etc. VIP escort London girls claim half of women forget headache after lovemaking. Finally, regular sexual activity protects against colds. Those engaged into regular sex have strong immune system. Their immunoglobulin A blood level is higher, thus fighting with infections.

Pornography affects female brain

We found an interesting survey. Scientists from Netherlands investigated twelve healthy heterosexual women before menopause. They scanned their primary visual cortex while showing them porn movies. All of involved women used hormonal contraception, which smoothes out any changes in sexual desire or arousal associated with menstrual cycle. Firstly, subjects watched a documentary movie on marine life in the Caribbean. After that, they switched to pornographic films. Half of the subjects watched only prelude and manual stimulation, while the other half enjoyed brunette escort explicit scenes of oral sex and vaginal intercourse. Scanning results showed most erotic film (with scenes of oral sex) caused changes in female brain: primary visual cortex received less blood. Under normal circumstances, watching movies causes increased blood flow. Doctors believe the results suggest female brain is more focused on sexual excitement than processing of visual information.