Read about adult entertainment and escorts that will take a good care of you while traveling. We have gathered most essential pieces of information about escorts, night life and travel tips.

Sex trip: what to choose

So you’ve decided to go abroad and enjoy fantastic and incomparable sex with local escorts. No way! Foreign escorts take their job very negligent and do not particularly value their customers (as they change them daily). It is not surprising. An average sex traveler strives to try everything in full and can book a few oriental escorts a day. Therefore, escorts tend to change their customers the same way. With regard to extent of provided services, the list is very limited, when compared with new escorts London girls’ abilities). Exotic services may include only specific massage with aromatic oils and some unusual deck-chair, instead of a comfortable bed. That’s all exotics. When planning a sex trip, do not forget local escorts may not speak English. So, consider this question in advance. Anyway, London petite escorts are the best option.  They certainly understand everything. London girls are much nicer and prettier, than “foreign” escorts. Intimate caresses are much softer and incredibly hot. Surely, the choice is yours: whether flying to distant lands or booking a girl in London.

London top escorts: Brazilians to try an innovative sex doll

Brazilian sex shop organized an auction: the winner is to be the first to try an innovative Valentina rubber doll, designed for adult entertainment. Betting for the first night with an artificial girl started with 5000 dollars, but soon grew 20 times. Escort Paddington girls are surprised: most men want to test the new rubber doll made of advanced materials. By touch, leather sex toy is virtually indistinguishable from a human being. Currently, the first night with Valentina costs 105 thousand dollars. Besides, the lucky person is to receive a set of erotic lingerie for a rubber girlfriend and video camera to shoot new erotic adventures. That’s not the end. The winner and his new girl will get a night at The Swing Motel in Sao Paulo, candlelight dinner with champagne in one of local restaurants, as well as round trip tickets, if a man is a foreigner. At the online store website, you can find many photos of Valentina. Escorts of London believe her shapes are extremely attractive. The scandalous auction is to run until March 31. The offer is timed to coincide with the opening of Brazilian exhibition of erotic accessories, launched in early March.

Football and sex are inseparable

If your boyfriend is just dreaming of another football game, take it easy. Pretty teen escorts London girls say: be on the positive side. After all, you have a fantastic opportunity to sit next to him on the couch and enjoy a fascinating event. Already in the first minute, you realize football is very sexy. Players may have bow legs (really, who look at them?), but they feature so much unbridled passion, endurance, courage, bravery and willingness to feats! In most exciting moments, they “dance” striptease: rip off shirts while running. Sometimes, they fall on the field in the sexiest poses. Sexy London brunette escorts claim it is a must see event. No wonder many football players get into tops of the world’s sexiest men. Think of David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Andrei Shevchenko. You might think women’s football exists just to excite men. Beautiful busty babes escorts choose a game for real men. Euro 2012 is a real gift for them. If have a chance, be sure to go to the stadium. See and feel the atmosphere and taste all delights of this sexy sport.